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Aug 6, 2023Liked by Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark

I was also anti-Barbie movie, however I’m going to see it today with neighbors. One of whom is 76 and has lamented on how she missed out on the Barbie era because she was 13 or so when they started making them. I, on the other hand, had every single Barbie possible and every year would hold my breath Christmas morning just hoping it was my lucky year when Santa would drop off the Barbie house. Sadly that never happened. 🤣 It will be interesting to watch and then think deeper on the movie. What I’ve heard is that 20 somethings have had a hard time relating or think the movie is cringey. Thirty somethings get it a little bit differently and I’m kinda excited to see how it hits this 43 year old!

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